Extension of a Meet-Me-Rooms infrastructure of a large Hosting in the Paris region.

Meet-Me-Room Datacenter-Huber+suhner-ingenova

As part of a large project to extend its accommodation areas, our client – a hosting and connectivity provider – wanted to deploy new Meet-Me-Rooms, and to interconnect them with existing MMRs.

Projet d'extension de MMR-ingenova-datacenter



To meet this need, Ingenova has relied on HUBER + SUHNER solutions, provider of optical connectivity solutions for DataCenter, and in particular on its LISA range, specifically designed to equip MMRs for collocation sites.




HUBER + SUHNER solutions offered and deployed by INGENOVA:

In order to connect the existing site MMRs to the new expansion building, the following High Density technologies have been deployed :

  • Extension de MMR-ingenova-datacenter 10 MMRs cabinet
  • 31 Chassis 7U
  • 26 Chassis 2U-module CTS 432 FO
  • 224 module LISA Splice 36 FO – OS2
  • 76 module LISA MTP-MPO 36 FO – OS2
  • 56 Backbone 144 FO (+ 8 km)
  • 4 MTP-MPO 72FO
  • More than 5000 fusions
  • 32 different cable paths (average 140m)


Extension de MMR-ingenova-datacenter


The quality of the products supplied by HUBER & SUHNER and the expertise of INGENOVA in the construction of installations and wiring were a guarantee of the successful implementation of this project.

In strict compliance with the client’s strict schedule, due to a strong commitment to the provision of these connectivity infrastructure, the choice of these adapted solutions, in splicing and in MTP/MPO, the quality of the installations and the results of the tests carried out have enabled us to meet its requirements perfectly, while ensuring that it has a full and long-term operation of its infrastructure.