Decommissioning & Recycling

Decommissioning & Recycling

The process of disposing of equipment or data room infrastructures is often under-estimated because it rarely has a direct impact on your IS continuity. Yet disposal represents challenges that should not be minimized: financial, building-related, security, regulatory, environmental…

At the end of a project, whether it be transformation, deployment, relocation of externalization, or host migration, you may find yourself with data rooms that require vast decommissioning and recycling campaigns.

Depending on the type of project and its purpose, the scopes and volumes to be processed can vary greatly.
Sometimes, it is just a question of disposing of IT equipment that has become outdated and been replaced. But decommissioning and clearing out data rooms can cover a scope including all or part of your racks, pre-cabling, electric and HVAC infrastructures, various control centers (alarms, BMS, fire detection, etc.)

Decommissioning can be done in rooms that are in operation, or in rooms that have been totally emptied of production infrastructures.

Projects must be custom-designed for each case, maintaining strict compliance with security constraints, environmental regulations, IT equipment disposal processes and management of devices containing data.

These multi-faceted projects, although they do not systematically affect your IS functions, must be carried out swiftly by rigorous specialists.

First and foremost, these operations must be managed as a project in and of itself.

The following must be clearly defined :

  • Procedures and monitoring processes
  • Documents to be provided by the client at start-up
  • Scope defining exactly which equipment is covered and the destination of each category of equipment
  • Schedule
  • Description of actions to be taken
  • Deliverables to be provided by Ingenova at the end of the contract
  • Terms and conditions of closeout

Our services can include all or some of the following elements :

  • Removal of power and data cables in the racks
  • Dismantling and removal of unused cables in the raised floor
  • Removal of discontinued equipment in the racks in operation
  • Removal of IT racks, following equipment regrouping or migration
Decommissioning and dismantling of :
  • Cooling systems
  • Inverters
  • Electrical switchboard
  • Electrical installations
  • Fire extinguisher systems (inert gas)
  • Control centers: alarms, access control, BMS, fire detection, video surveillance
  • Raised flooring and reinforcements

Our projects cover a broad range of interventions. For decommissioning projects, when there are issues that are outside of our fields of expertise, we work with specialized partners (specialists in HVAC, fire protection, crane handling…), and are thus able to offer turn-key services.
All of the downstream treatment of products and fluids from decommissioning and gutting is taken care of is the strictest compliance with applicable regulations :

  • Recovery of refrigerant fluids
  • Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Waste tracking documents

We also work with:

  • Specialized companies who can destroy your devices (bands and hard drives) on-site or in their facilities, and provide destruction certificates
  • Vocational integration workshops where people with disabilities work to recycle materials and package products
  • Brokers and maintenance specialists who recover certain types of equipment and reintroduce them in specialized circuits, thereby giving them a second life
  • Eco-organizations specialized in WEEE disposal and certified by public authorities

With Ingenova, you will be working with data center specialists capable of assisting you throughout your decommissioning operations, whether your data rooms are in operation or need to be totally gutted. This includes all downstream waste destruction, resale, reuse and recycling.

How do you clear out your data rooms or efficiently dispose of IT equipment cost-effectively, quickly and securely ?

  1. Our business has moved and I must very quickly restore our previous work space to its initial condition, who can I call on?
  2. Following a vast transformation project, we must dispose of all the discontinued and outdated equipment that now cohabitates in the same racks as the equipment in operation. How can we do that?
  3. My decommissioning needs include certain devices that must remain in stock, others that must be returned to brokers and, finally, others that should be destroyed or recycled. How can we be sure that no mistakes are made?
  4. In addition to my decommissioning project, I have thousands of backup cartridges and hard drives on my site that must be destroyed. What kind of solutions exist?
  5. My real estate management department wants us to remove the following from all of our infrastructures: AC – electricity – fire detection and extinction / raised flooring… Who can I turn to?
  6. How can I be sure that liquid refrigerants, inert gases, heavy metals… are processes in compliance with appropriate regulations?
  7. Can we get the waste tracking / destruction documents for WEEE related to IT equipment disposal?
  8. Can certain products or materials be reused / recycled?
  9. I do not want to take care of any of this, I would like to find a service provider who can manage it all for me. Who should I contact?
  10. Given the complexity of the project we have planned and the deadlines involved, I need a service provider who works methodically and is capable of managing the project. Who should we work with?

Strong points & Advantages

  1. A one-stop service provider for all types of data room decommissioning projects
  2. Assistance with a wide variety of projects
  3. Projects carried out with confidence, immediately following data room deployment, transformation, relocation or installation projects
  4. A team of Project Managers who are trained and experienced in complex project management
  5. Operations executed in very short time
  6. Experienced, qualified partners to ensure all aspects of complexity, whether they be technical, logistic, multi-disciplinary, regulatory… as well as multiple downstream channels, depending on the type of equipment to be recycled and/or reused
  7. Major potential for action
  8. Decommissioning and recycling operations that take into account the sensitive nature of your devices and the critical data they contain, as well as their destruction
  9. Considerable experience working in operating data rooms
  10. Eco-responsible commitments guaranteeing the best possible solutions for limiting the carbon footprint associated with operations