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Why should we work together to reach a common goal ?

Data center activities are atypical by nature and inception. They are at the crossroads of several domains. That is why our expertise & experience is so useful and have gained recognition over the years.

Many of you are faced with the need to overhaul your IT centers, requiring concerted interactions with data centers.

You have highly skilled staff for :

  • Managing IT projects
  • Designing your IT infrastructure: LAN systems, virtualization, storage, backup, security, etc.
  • Piloting and operating this infrastructure

However, are you sure you have the teams and skill sets to :

  • Design cable circuits for your current and future technical infrastructure
  • Define room layout to ensure agile, resilient and safe operation of your equipment
  • Know the standards and practices implemented in the most modern data centers
  • Confidently pilot and implement installation
  • Swiftly deploy new cutting edge network, storage and server infrastructures
  • Move equipment to a new location with method, rigor and flexibility
  • Manage operations and daily maintenance around the clock at several locations, with strict SLA and a high level of customization
  • Decommission infrastructures from outdated data rooms with full respect for your processes, data security and WEEE recycling constraints

The project you are embarking on is very different from what you are used to in the IT areas you fully master.

It will entail :

  • Skills and expertise you seldom need
  • Tools, processes and methodologies not usually deployed in organizations
  • Skilled, highly reactive, flexible and operational staff to adapt to a changing environment
  • A trustworthy partner, because the success of your project will largely depend on it
  • A partner with in-depth experience of projects or situations similar to yours
  • Intimate knowledge of the data center ecosystem to ensure additional resources or intermediations as needed
  • The ability to obtain unusual supplies with short delays
  • A committed company with a strong service culture and the determination to help your project succeed

Having INGENOVA by your side when starting such a project allows you to maximize your chances of success, guaranteeing support whenever needed and access to key skill sets in the data center arena

Here is the added value we can provide !

  1. A partner entirely devoted to the data center domain
  2. A one-stop shop for all the physical components you need throughout the life cycle of your data centers
  3. A perfect understanding of your IT projects and the ability to translate them into the data center universe
  4. Given our project experience we have most likely already encountered and solved the questions and problems you will face
  5. We are present throughout the life cycle of a data center and thus have a comprehensive understanding of how to obtain maximum performance and durability
  6. Whenever an issue arises that is beyond our expertise, we have a wealth of contacts to call upon
  7. Our in-house staff are well-versed in cutting edge technology, have experience, get regular training and are knowledgeable on the latest developments.
  8. Our ISO 9001 Quality certification covering all company processes attests to how seriously we take our work
  9. Our adherence to the Global Compact guarantees our commitment to implementing best practices in the following domains: human rights, international labor standards, protection of the environment, fight against corruption
  10. The thousands of successful projects we have carried out with our clients over the years are the best testimonials to the relevance of our company and the services we offer