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Reliable and uncompromising electric distribution, along with IT room operating tools for ultimate operating control.

Raritan is a leading player in smart energy management of data centers.

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The brand is a proven innovator in the field of smart energy distribution, rack management, serial consoles and KVM-over-IP switches for data centers.

Raritan’s award-winning solutions increase energy efficiency, improve reliability and raise productivity, while reducing operating costs.

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The suitability of their offer and the quality of their products make Raritan one of the best suppliers of data center operating tools.

Raritan products, in addition to their quality and their reliability, are remarkable for their numerous functions and their extensive range, adaptable to all customer contexts, and by an entire array of details that give their products unequal operability.


Raritan’s PX intelligent rack PDU series offers more than just power distribution -- it’s a launch pad for real-time remote power monitoring, environmental sensors, data center infrastructure management, and so much more.

Raritan PDU Solution

The complementarity between the knowledge and know-how of the Ingenova and Legrand Data Center Solutions teams is incredible, every time we work together on a project. Customers who work with Legrand and Ingenova know they can count on us for mutual trust, transparency, integrity and our “customer first” approach. It is not just about providing a broad portfolio of products, but also about being able to rely on a business partner with added value and making sure that the solution proposed ensures maximum availability for critical applications, now and in the future.

Vincent OUIN, Director France
Legrand Solutions for Data Centers

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